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We Don't Tweet

OK, so we're behind the times.  But face it, when you reach your mid-70's those thumbs just don't move fast enough to type 30wpm on a smartphone like our grandkids can. 

Yes, we do have Facebook accounts and even browse to them occasionally so we can learn important things, such as the news that good old Fred who we haven't seen in 10 years "likes" McDonald's.   Or whatever.  But no hourly updates, sorry.

But All is Not Lost!

Mostly for family & friends but available to all we offer our very own corner of the Internet, where you may (or may not) find out if WE like McDonalds.  Or may discover other equally useless tidbits about J & D.  Plus other stuff.

Browse about.  Waste some time & bandwidth!

What You May Find Within:

PICTURES:  Travels, kids, who knows what else. 

RANDOM STUFF:  Maybe funny, maybe interesting, just things from the digital attic that caught our eye.

OPINION:  J has opinions on everything and doesn't mind sharing.  Not guaranteed to please.

The website is under reconstruction so expect some glitches and material that has disappeared or been moved around.