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This part of our website is still incomplete but here are a few sample pages.

    A General Look
    Flying to Alaska

     Mike Ball Live-Aboard  A Barrier Reef live-aboard
     Flying & Driving Australia Our most enjoyable trip
                                             "Down Under"

Bahamas:  We try to get there on every east-coast trip.
      First Flying Trip to Bahamas, 2004    The Short Version.
      Full Trip Log, 2004   If you are a glutton for punishment,
                                   here is the long day-by-day trip log  

Idaho:  We love it for its back-country, reachable by air.
      Smiley Creek    Representative of Idaho's fly-in strips
      Sulphur Creek Ranch    A primo fly-in, with lodging
      More Idaho Strips  Just a small sample

  Mexico:   Our most frequent destination, just 2 samples...
      Alamos   Home of numerous gringo expats
      Meling Ranch    A hold-over from "Old Baja"

New Zealand:
       Another "Trip Log"    This from a 30-day driving trip around the North and South Islands. 

      Sample SCUBA Trip    For years we did extensive dive traveling, there are thousands of photos & memories.

Camping:   In our "mature" years we now use an RV, but it's still fun!
      Camping Samples

Cruising:   Yes, old folks do like the leasure of ocean travel.
      A Crusing Sample  Panama Canal, 2004, with friends

Military Years:   Twenty years in the Air Force left a lot of memories, too.  These are just a handful of samples.
      The Early Years -Ah, the Cold War. Such fun :-)
      Tripoli Libya  -Our first venture overseas
      Wakkanai Japan   -Eavesdropping on neighbors..
      The VOA on Okinawa    -A little sidebar feature about
                                            shortwave radio



Photo Gallery

Ah, the digital revolution.

Now we not only can keep all those shoe-boxes full of poorly shot and uninteresting pictures, we can put them up so the whole world can see!