J and D's Corner

Stuff Gathered Along the Road

J&D at Ayres Rock

Our Mission Statement:

J & D are retired and dedicated to spending our kid's inheritance.

We also wish to thank those of you who are working hard and paying those Social Security taxes paycheck after paycheck....rest assured our mission includes insuring your contributions are being put to good use.

Things We Like

Hobbies & Interests - So many fun things, so little time to do them.  Below are a few we do like:

  • TRAVEL:  Probably our main "hobby".  By air, by land, by sea...it's all fun! One of the major purposes of this website is to share travel pictures....our own and those of our friends.  Visit the Photo Gallery while you are here.
  • FLYING: For decades we've owned a small airplane and in fact have built much of our lives around the use of it....we even live on an airport and for 15 years commuted daily by air into Los Angeles for work.
  • SCUBA:  While this is J's thing, D enjoyed the travel and camaraderie that came with it.  With advancing age and the loss of many of our former dive buddies SCUBA has become only an occasional sidebar to other trips.  But still fun if the water is warm!
  • HAM RADIO:  Again, mostly J's thing although D does hold a Technician-class Ham license as KD6DAI.  J holds Advanced-class license KK6KU and although not really active on a regular basis we do maintain a capability at the QTH to carry on minimal operation on all bands 160m through 73cm.
  • COMPUTERS:  Fun and a great time-sink, although no claim is made to great skill/knowledge in this area. Unfortunately, by the time microprocessors and CP/M first appeared in the 1970's the easy-learning phase of our lives was behind us....hard for old dogs to learn new tricks, you know.

What Don't We Like?

  • ANSWER: Well actually, not all that much.
  • We're both conservatives but in general recognize that most liberals do mean well, we just don't agree with a lot of their notions of what would make a better society.  Not to say we don't have our opinions as to the competence and sometimes the social morality of many members of our political class.
  • D is moderately religious and J is non-religious so we mutually tolerate that in ourselves and others. But that comes with the caveat that bad behavior in the name of religion is not on our approved list no matter what the religion says is right.
  • We both reject fried okra as a food acceptable for human consumption.

More About Us

Hailing originally from N.C. and Virginia, respectively, J and D are North Carolina high-school sweethearts who have avoided divorce for 56 years because neither would agree to take the kids.

Just kidding...I think.

After we graduated from high school, J enlisted in the USAF, and we raised three kids while traveling here & there around the globe.

After 20 military years we segued into a more normal existence with J filling various middle-management positions within the engineering division of the ABC Television Network in Hollywood.  D also worked for a number of years in Hollywood, "retiring" around '93.

Upon J's retirement from ABC in 2001 we've been practicing our aforementioned Mission Statement.

At any rate it's been a grand trip, with hopefully a few more miles yet to travel.

This website exists for no good reason other than to provide a place to blather about random stuff and share a few pictures with friends & family.

You're welcome to wander around our internet "attic", maybe you will find something you interesting (or annoying?).