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We Fly the "Great Land"   (circa 2000)

Joining a group organized by John Dale of FlyNorth.com, we gathered in British Columbia and  hopped freely through such legendary spots as Whitehorse, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Dawson City, Northway, Talkeetna, Homer, Valdez and more, with accommodations ranging from camping under the wing to B&Bs and hotels both modern and funky.  After a trip that totaled thirty legs and 47 hours 34 minutes of flight time we felt we had only scratched the surface. 
                               Thanks to fellow travelers Keith & Sonia Moore for some of these pictures.

Springhouse, BC

Our meeting point & jumping off spot. John & Dani and Al & Teri were the Skypark's reps.

Charlie & Karol

Taking a break from the real world

Chris & Sheldon

They were not the most enthusastic about camping but they did it!

Joe's 206

Great hauler and perfect for cruising Alaska

Just Married

This Luscombe was an ex-Canadian AF observation plane. Quite a trip for two in this rig...hope they are STILL married!

Tenting It

A wing makes a great tent support. Cooking inside not recommended.

Barkerville Airport

Our first stop, Barkerville is an old mining town preserved as a "living museum".

Church, Barkerville

Many original buildings, and some rebuilt.

Street Scene, Barkerville

Run as a park, it is kept as authentic as possible.

Barkerville "Citizens"

The staff & their children keep in character at all times.


On skis, floats or wheels, the Beaver is queen of the north country skies. Not one of "ours', more's the pity...

Tundra Cruiser

This Cub may not lift the load of a Beaver, but with these tires any stretch of ground is OK.

Modern Bush Plane

Tragically, the pilot of this RCMP Caravan (not him pictured) died crashing the bird in a bad-weather takeoff barely two weeks after we took this picture at Deese Lake airstrip.

Mile Zero

Dawson Creek's Mile Zero marks the start of the Alcan highway

Mile Zero Marker

Even flyers make the pilgrimage to the Mile Zero Marker in Dawson Creek. Fine town, they made us welcome with special transportation.

Final Approach, Northway AK

We intended to cross the border at Circle Hot Springs, but the customs guy there was on vacation.

Northway Customs

Everyone here does double duty...the customs man also sold gas.

Denali - The Great One

Conditions were great for our swing around Mt. McKinley.

Ruth Amphitheater

After circling McKinley at 13,750 feet we screamed downhill to circle this huge bowl

Ruth Glacier

Forming Ruth Amphitheater, the glacier is one of the largest.

Ruth Glacier

View as we head south for the town of Talkeetna

Talkeetna Glacier

The south end of the glacier shows the rock & dirt carried down.

Talkeetna Downtown

Talkeetna, on the Susitna River, is the supply, services and jumping off point for expeditions into the McKinley area by air and land.

Homer AK

A big fishing port, Homer is south of Anchorage

Land's End, Homer

We partake of a little food & sunshine at "Land's End"

Enroute Valdez

The route from Homer to Valdez took us over the Harding Ice Field, a taste of the ice age.

Enroute Valdez

The ice field spawns glaciers, some of which reach the sea.

Columbia Glacier

Beside the entrance to Valdez channel, Columbia Glacier calves directly into the sea.

Valdez, AK

Located at the head of its entrance bay, Valdez town is just across from the Alaska Pipeline terminus.

Fianl Approach, Valdez

With a backdrop like this, it was hard to keep an eye on the runway.

Valdez Tower

A bustling airport during the construction of the pipeline, Valdez airport is much quieter today. The tower is unmanned.

Watson Lake

Back into Canada, we stopped at Watson Lake, a major strip during the WW-II lend-lease airlift. Lots of space, camping on field, but plenty of insects too.

Campground, Whitehorse

Our immigration & customs stop in Canada, Whitehorse had a nice campground but we only picniced. The adjacent motel called to us.

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