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Diving the Great Barrier Reef aboard Mike Ball's Supersport

This 2002 trip included some time in the lovely city of Cairns where we took some side trips to the rain forest and did a little white-water rafting.  This was mostly documented with video but we have a few stills.......                  Back to the Photo Gallery Index page

Cairns - Tradewinds

Our digs while in Cairns, the Tradewinds Esplanade is, as you might expect, right on the waterfront.

D and J Themselves

A fun trip.


Mike Ball's first boat, the Supersport was scheduled for a major refit in the season following our trip.

Main Salon

The dining & social center was roomy enough for everyone without undue crowding.

Supersport's Galley

Incredible they could prepare so much food so fast from this small area.

Refreshment Bar

Available 24 hours a day, this self-service area had soft and hard drinks.

Camera Table

Supersport's dive deck was roomy and well equipped.

Get Wet

The underwater stuff was all video, so I don't have any stills of the great scenes down there. Buy a book.

Feeding Frenzy

When the bell rings, don't be in the way.


No, this isn't J & D. But it was romantic for everyone.

Cocktail Hour

Very popular each evening.

Steaks on the Barby

Yeah, we did do things other than eating. It's just that all that other stuff was documented on video.

Supersport Gang

We had pretty much a full boat. Folks from all over.

Dinner on the Lawn

The Tradewinds put on a great spread for us. A few sprinkles did not dampen our enjoyment.

The Rafting Crew

Hey, you take what you can get.

Whitewater Rafting

Queensland rivers are not massive like the Colorado but are tight and technical. Water flow varies with the season.

Skyrail Gondola

Take the train up to the mountain town of Kuranda, ride the gondola down over lush rainforest.