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Sydney & Canberra: The Big Cities of the Southeast

During our initial two weeks of driving along the southeast coast, we visited the cities of Brisbane, Canberra and ended in Sydney.    Click on the thumbnails for a large view of the photo.          

Canberra Panorama

Morning mist shrouds central Lake Burley Griffin in this shot.

Central Canberra

Australia's "Washington DC", Canberra was a purpose-built city. The lake more or less divides the city between government and commercial sections.

Telestra Tower

TV & communications tower also has an observation deck for a great view of Canberra.


Capitol Hill from the War Memorial

Sydney Harbor

A harbor tour is a "don't miss" thing to do when in town. Sydney is a water city.

Coffee in the Tower

Great starting place for an overview (literally) of Sydney. Also has a multimedia presentation to orient you.

Downtown from the Tower

Downtown Sydney

Could be New York, or ??

The Opera House

Everyone knows this one.

Sydney Skyline

Compact downtown hi-rises stand on a point of land.


Lots of big-city things to see in Sydney. This modern aquarium highlighted Barrier Reef sea life.

Shopping, Anyone?

Had to keep D out of these areas of Sydney. Mucho things to buy.

What's Up?

D inspects the area from a Russian sub.

Relaxing on the Quay

Site of the Olympics, it is now a prime public/tourist area. Cost raised eyebrows at the time, but now they love it!