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The South Coast Countryside

Outside the big cities of the east coast, there is a lot to see.  The southeast coast is a greenbelt, with everything from semi-arid to lush pasturelands and rainforest. Great scenery, plus many fun & interesting towns.    Click on the thumbnail for a large view of the photo.          


The south coast is home to Australia's prime surfing beaches. Unfortunately, when we were there it looked more like Southern California on a poor day.

D in the Rainforest

She was actually more pleased than this picture would suggest. It was fun, honest!

Sheep v.s. Car

On this tight roadway, the sheep had no escape and we "pushed" them for about a kilometer before they found an out.

Coast Waterfall

Abundant rain makes for lots of scenic waterways.

The Twelve Apostles

A south coast sight, erosion has created these monuments. They were once part of arches.

D meets Roo

Everyone loves kangaroos except the farmers & ranchers who actually have to deal with them.

Emus meet D

Agressive, are they not?

Coal Mine Explorers

A shuttered coal mine has been pumped out and opened to tours. Very interesting.

Coal Mine Tour

In the USA, the lawyers would never allow this. Lots of dripping water and stuff to get wrapped up in.

Small Towns

Although the population primarily resided in the big cities, the small towns have a lot to offer.


Americans see in Australia the America that is no longer.

D and Wildlife

For D, any opportunity to commune with wildlife is not to be missed.

D Meets Koala

Koalas are in great demand for show-and-tell but are not to happy with the idea. (Also, they stink!)

Tasmanian Devil

Old Taz is hard to photograph, they never stand still!