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The Outback

Here is where we did our aerial tour, a huge circle through the heart of the Outback.  From the agricultural plains of Darby we flew to such spots as Mt. Isa, Alice Springs, Ayres Rock, Birdsville, Coober Pedy and even spent a couple of days on a big sheep "station".   Click on the thumbnails for a large view of the photo.          

The Goana Gang

Our flying tour group, leader Mal Shipton in front.


Agricultural center & a typical small town.

Hotel & Pub

This style hotel/pub was a fixture in every outback town.

Sheep Shearing

Can't overemphasize the importance of sheep in Australia.

Pulling The Wool

Ever hear that phrase? Pull the wool over a sheep's eyes and he lays passively.


Your basic outback vehicle: 4WD, a deep fording kit and a shortwave radio.

Tropic of Capricorn

Amazing how a few feet makes a difference.

Trying the Digrido

Are you sure it is supposed to sound like that?

The Gang in Concert

Good thing there is no sound with this picture!

Typical Outback Station

Self-sufficient and a LONG way from town.

Mt. Isa

Mining town in NW Queensland.

Road Train

The Outback is Road Train country. Very impressive coming at you.

Fossil Recovery

Mt. Isa had a nearby fossil bed which was one of the richest anywhere.

Water Hole

In the Outback, where there is water there is livestock.

The Red Center

This is why it is called the "Red Center".

Alice Springs

The Outback's "big city", the town of Alice Springs is a major hub.

Royal Flying Doctors

A legend in the early Outback, often the only medical help within hundreds of miles. Still a major factor.

Downtown Alice Springs

A nice little town.

Telegraph Station

Alice Springs was initially a major station on the transcontinental telegraph line.

Rock Cleft

Upthrust rock walls trap underground water, key to Alice Springs' steady supply.

Rock Wallabies

Just to the right of the tree, they blend in but are very common.


We dined well, even in the most outback of the Outback.

Metior Crater

On the track to Ayres Rock, this formation is millions of years old.

Folded Rock

Australia's geography is some of the oldest, most stable on the planet. These features are ancient.

The Olgas

Companion formation to Ayres Rock, the Olgas are equally impressive.

Ayres Rock

Standing alone, Ayres Rock has attracted humans from the very beginning.

The Ladies

A bit of waiting time brought out the kitten in the girls.

The Boys

And the child in the boys.

Ayres Rock Resort

A true oasis, the resort was suprisingly fancy.

No Petrol

Although it seemed civilized near the settlement, this sign warned of the lack of supplies for hundreds of miles.


Australia's native eagle in flight. These guys grabbed whatever they could.


Looking like an ordinary songbird, this guy is into raw meat.

Sunset at Ayres Rock

A tradition, we quaffed a bottle of wine while the sun set.

Coober Pedy

Opal capitol of the world, Coober Pedy attracts a unique brand of human.

Downtown Coober Pedy

Dusty and very back-country, Coober Pedy reminds of Alaskan villages....less the snow, of course.

"Have One On Me"

Unique grave. This guy was obviously a typical Coober Pedy character, in death as well as life.

Underground Buildings

This is a church, built entirely underground like many buildings in Coober Pedy.

Church Interior

The solid & stable limestone can be hollowed out into very large rooms without reinforcement.

Underground Home

Typical of the underground construction. Interior temps hold to the mid-70s even during summer.

Home Interior

This home had about 8 rooms and over 2000 sq ft. of living space.

Digging Machinery

This is the type of machine used to hollow out the underground rooms.


The archtypical Outback town, Birdsville sits at the east edge of the barren Simpson Desert.

Birdsville Hotel

Hotel, bar, gathering spot for the entire town. Park your plane, outbackmobile or camel at the door.

Foot-powered Radio

Shortwave was the only communication in the early days, and foot power was popular.

"Icy Ball" Refrigerator

Powered by kerosene, these ammona absorption refrigerators kept stuff cool and could even make a bit of ice.

Moonrise on the Outback

We spent a couple of nights at a sheep "station". Quiet, roomy and laid back.

Chilly Morning

D enjoys a morning fire along with a friend.

Boomerang Practice

We never really got the hang of it, but somehow avoided damaging the airplanes anyway.

Outback Transportation

We used ATV "Mules" to cruise the 10,000+ acres surrounding the ranch house.

Brampton Island

Our last stop, Brampton is a popular resort for Aussie vacationers.

Brampton Island Beaches

Lovely island, lots of trails and beaches where you can be totally alone.

J & D Snorkling

Not a lot to do on the island, but we went out to see the underwater sights.


This was one of our last sunsets. Hated to leave.

D at Sunset

What can I say?