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Alamos, Mexico - Hacienda de los Santos - March 2006

Al & Teri's repeated insistence that the Hacienda's periodic "Club Pilotos" bashes qualify as a do-not-miss attraction finally wore us down, so in late March Teri's slick Cardinal (with Al at the helm) and John & Dani in the scruffy Skylane departed under, through and over some chilly & rainy SoCal weather toward the sunny climes further south.                   Click on the thumbnails to view full-size picture.


An excellent stop for customs & fuel. We 'RONd' there to get a jump on the arrival.

Hangar Greeting

The Hacienda has a first-class hangar at the airport. MY hangar doesn't have tablecloths (or table either, for that matter)

"Landing Juice"

A margurita tastes mighty good at the end of your flight.

Hacienda de los Santos

Highlighted here, the Hacienda is close to the civic center.

The Hacienda Entrance

Like most establishments in Alamos the entrance gives little hint of what is inside


One of two, well enclosed in courtyards

Pool #2

This was "our" courtyard pool


Each room opens on a veranda perfect for socializing or just kicking back


Romantic, yes?


Most rooms have a fireplace for chilly nights


Lavish use of tile gives the bath a truly Mexican flavor.

The Bar

Huge collection of "stuff" lends atmosphere to the bar.


While there are fully enclosed dining rooms, the weather usually makes dining pleasant in the "veranda" area.


Artistic and delicious, the food should satisfy!

Around Alamos

On the mainland about 110 miles southeast of Guaymas and maybe 45 miles inland...for Baja buffs, at about the same latitude as Mulege...the old Spanish Colonial village of Alamos has found favor as a retirement/wintering ground for Americans.  Some of the villas they now occupy date back to the 17th century.

Central Square & Church

Heart of the town, the church spire is a marker visible from anywhere. The Hacienda is a few short blocks away.

Villa Doorway

From the outside, only the beautiful woodwork of the doors give a clue as to what may be within.

Villa Courtyard

In Spanish style, rooms open onto a central courtyard, invariably beautifully landscaped.

Color is Popular

Some interiors follow the Spanish passion for vivid color.

Villa Kitchen

Definitely not in the ultra-modern mode, this kitchen features a mural by a local artist.

Break in Touring

Touring the town is heavy work; a quick stop at a local ice cream parlor hit the spot.

Ranch BBQ

One evening featured a BBQ at the Hacienda's "Ranch" adjacent to the airport.

Live Music

Music is featured every evening, for the ranch BBQ it was a traditional mariachi group....and pretty good, too.

Marguritas at the "Ranch"

What's an evening in Mexico without a little traditional libation? Or two?

Teri & Friend

Maybe he's a little down because he has been replaced by a new air-conditioned Ford Excursion?

Smile for the Camera

A last round before BBQ ribs & chicken arrive.

All Quiet at the Hotel

Things close up fairly early in Alamos...at least on weekdays. And if this looks blurry, maybe it was the Marguritas?

And Some Flying, Too!

A a group of us launched one morning for a round-robin flight over the famous Copper Canyon area.  Billed as 'Mexico's Grand Canyon', the area encompasses some wild & wooly terrain, yet isolated homes and small villages are scattered everywhere. 

Tuning up for Flight

A (semi)organized air tour of the Copper Canyon area filled one morning, with eight planes aloft and GPS waypoints set.

Alamos Airstrip

4000 feet now, with expansion in progress on the west (right) end. Airport of Entry status is in the works.

Rail Bridge, Lower Left

Constructing the Copper Canyon railway was a world-renown engineering feat and of course is today an equally renown tourist run.

Canyon Rim Hotel (1)

The town of Divisadero is one main rail terminal, with overnight stays at these spectacular hotels a popular option. We were at about 7400 feet at this point.

Canyon Rim Hotel (2)

Think this one is the Divisadero-Barrancas, but not positive.

Candamena Canyon & Basaseachi Falls

Falls are barely visible slightly above and left of center. It drops, at a guess, about 1400 feet and would be spectacular during rainy season. They were mis-identified to us as "Abigail Falls", which are in the same canyon.

Basaseachi Falls

A closer look. These falls mark the head of Candamena Canyon. The Sonora area is experiencing a prolonged drought which is becoming a real problem for many towns and for agriculture.

Hi Speed Tfk Passing

Charles Patton's Lancair zooms past the Skylane in a blur

Debriefing (AKA BS Session)

Pilots love to fly and love to talk a good flight. Or maybe we were solving the world's problems. Whatever.

Variety is the Spice...

Great variety of aircraft represented at this gathering, ranging from Sam & Sandy's CJ1 all the way down to.....(next picture)

...Of [flying] Life

....John & Dani's rode hard and put away wet Skylane (sure it gets love....tough love).

Bottom line on this trip:  This excursion was a little pricey by our normal short-trip standards but definitely worthwhile.  They treat you right!

For more on the Hacienda de Los Santos, check out their WEBSITE