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Alaska - The Great Land

Decades ago during my Air Force days I spent a year at the Yukon River village of Galena. Unfortunately, my ability to sightsee was pretty much limited to the local area. Finally, in the last few years I have been able to return to the "Great Land" on a couple of sightseeing trips by air, land and sea.  A lot of our flying travel was primarily documented on video, but here are a few stills.

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Anchorage Skyline

Could be any medium size city in the "lower 48".

Summer Flowers

The growing season is short but very spectacular. Flowers are everywhere, both wild and cultivated.

Ruth Glacier

Near Mt. McKinley, this area is one of the most spectacular parts of Alaska. A must see...from a plane or helicopter.

Mt. McKinley (Denali)

We were at about 10,500 feet and climbing at this point. A VERY impressive piece of rock.

Harding Ice Field

Between Homer & Valdez we flew over this huge ice field. A taste of what it looked like during the Ice Age.

Riverboat, Near Fairbanks

The banks of the Chena river, tributary of the Tanana, are becoming a target for development.

Home on the Chena

Typical of the new construction. Boat dock, float plane, he's got it all.

Susan Butcher's Home

Susan (on right) is an Alaska legend, three time winner of the incredibly demanding Iditarod dog sled race. Here she keeps & trains her dogs.

Fish Wheel, Tanana River

Driven by current, it runs unattended to scoop up salmon which are deposited in a basket. Legal only for Indians.

Super Cub Takes to Air

Small planes, on wheels, skis or floats, are essential in Alaska. This "runway" was about 900 feet long, he used under half of that.

Gold Dredge

These floating buildings full of machinery chew their way up rivers, sifting huge amounts of silt, sand and rock.

Alaska Pipeline

Typical section of the 800-mile line. Armored, earthquake hardened and heavily instrumented, it can shrug off anything short of high explosives.

Alaska by Rail

The Fairbanks-Anchorage route is a great way to see the countryside in comfort.

McKinley Park

On the train route, a day or two stopover here is another must-see. Private vehicles are banned from the deeper reaches of the park, access is by bus.

Cruise Ship

Seeing the coastal panhandle (the "banana belt", to interior dwellers) is best done by cruise ship.

Glacier Bay

The cruise ships take you to several bays for glacier viewing.

Glaciers in Comfort

And the view can be totally painless...if fattening.

Downtown Sitka

The coastal towns are a great place to grow moss. Sunny blue days are the exception here.


Virtually all the towns are built along the water's edge with high mountains as a close-in backdrop.

Goldrush era "Street"

Typical of the old construction, now kept alive by tourist trade. One shop was run by a couple from, of all places, Coober Pedy (see our Australia pictures).


In season, the streams are choked with spawning salmon. Humans, bears, gulls all feast.

And for Entertainment....

Home of Dolly, famous as owner and one-lady staff of a Ketchikan brothel, she was still "active" into her 60's.

Dolly's Bed Canopy

And these decorations are.....give up? How about silk condoms? Probably not very effective, but very decorative.

Midnight Snack

There are dangers to watch out for when cruising. (MS Ryndam)