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An ancient motor home and an even older Cessna take us to various camping spots.  Although we are now at that stage where comfort matters, for airplane camping we still do occasionally break out the tent and sleeping bags   [ 2012 Update:  The '74 motor-home has been upgraded somewhat to a 1988 model (made by Executive, a company now out-of-business) that is considerably more elegant inside but still not much compared to the modern rolling palaces with their multiple slide-out expansions).  The 1965 Cessna was destroyed by a windstorm and was replaced by an elderly (1970) Bonanza A-36 which has been used for a couple of camping trips but isn't suitable for the more demanding back-country. ]

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By Land - the Sportscoach

This old (1974) motorhome is worth every penny of the $2500 it cost. It's taken us all around the Southwest and nearby Mexico. Not elegant but adequate.

By Air - N8514S

A 1965 Cessna 182, one-four-sierra has taken us into spots the ground-bound rarely visit.

Winging it - Springhouse, BC

On our way to Alaska.

When Plane Camping - Tents

With just two in the plane, we can carry enough junk to be comfortable. Good weather is a plus, however.

D at Shelter Cove

The northern California coast. Breezy but beautiful.

Lighthouse, Shelter Cove

No longer operational, it now serves as a photo op.

Eating? What Else?

We never miss a meal, no matter what the venue.

Too Many Cooks?

This involved a large salmon, four or five cooks and an old truck wheel as a fireplace. It came out delicious!

Mountain Lake, Idaho

Idaho has Alaska-style backcountry but is a lot closer!


Rugged mountains give way to a large rolling valley.

One Way In - And Out

This is what we pilots call a one-way airstrip, due to that large pile of dirt at the far end of it.

Quality of Facilities Vary

Most are better than this, but any port when in need.


An old Danish settlement in Southern California, it is now a tourist trap and retirement area.

Good Friends, Good Times

We enjoy the sun in Solvang, CA with friends Pat & Paul and Sharon & Dale.

Call This Dancing?

I don't dance. But with enough lubrication, I will get up and shuffle around.

Who Let This One In?

The old Sportscoach is not always welcome in today's snootier RV parks. We lean toward government parklands for our overnights. (The nicer coach next to us belongs to our friends Albert & Luanne)

Scotty's Castle, Death Valley

A must-see in Death Valley. Scotty teamed up with an east coast millionaire to build this truly unique complex.

Scotty's Castle

In the pre-cerntral air days fireplaces and thick walls were the way to go. Scotty also installed some ingenious evaporative cooling measures.

Leftovers, Scotty's Castle

When the government acquired the property, a lot of stuff came with it. Hopefully, this will be preserved and restored someday.

Teakettle Junction

A landmark crossroads in back-country Death Valley. D has found a teakettle better than the one we have, but it won't come free. (Just joking, we actually added one)

Miner's Shack

Looks like he put a bit too much tension on the prop.

The Racetrack

Another unique place. Under certain wet and windy conditions, the rocks apparently blow along the surface of this dry lake. No one has ever actually seen this happen.

Charcoal Kilns

Located high in the mountains near Death Valley, these were used to make charcoal from the forests, which have mostly been cut over now.

Armagosa Opera House

Marta Becket, a dancer and performer, has for decades put on a one-woman show in this desert crossroads opera house, assisted by her long-time companion Willit.

Interior of Opera House

Over the years, Marta painted a complete audience on the walls of the opera house. Sometimes she performed to a house empty but for these paintings.


Marta's companion and the man who keeps it going.

Update: I believe Marta's last performance was in February of 2012, although at this writing she is still with us. Marta was born in 1924.

Marta Signing Autographs

Our neighbor Al Carlson gets an autograph after the performance. It was too dim for successful photography during the performance, unfortunately.

Monument Valley

Here's yours truly during one of our swings through the Four Corners area.