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For years we did a lot of SCUBA travel, it's a great excuse to go to warm places.  D doesn't dive but she loves warm.

Below are some typical samples (From Cayman Brac). 

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The Gang

This group hails mostly from our Antelope Valley. Our local area divers often get together on these trips.

D & Pat

Pat & Paul, our friends & neighbors, owned a dive shop and still act as "travel agents" on a lot of our SCUBA trips.

Aw, Ain't That Romantic

Well, the islands are romantic, and we try to make the most of it.

Sunset, Cayman Brac

We bring back a lot of sunset pictures, but it never wears thin.

J Inspects Sponge

They get pretty big. Never found any gold down there, however.

Underwater Flowers

The soft coral always is worth a picture.

Divers Down

Paul, the other half of Pat & Paul, is at right. You can spot him by the white hair. Wait...we all have white hair.

Spotted Ray

Sight of a ray always is a high point. Their grace underwater is visual poetry.

More Spotted Ray

Approached slowly, sometimes you can touch. The white underside is like velvet.


Not in most of the dive locations. The islands have learned that turning their local reefs into nature preserves is the way to go.

Ray, Again

Southern Stingrays are often found feeding along flat sand bottoms.

Around the Island

The slow pace of many islands makes them great places to rent scooters or motorbikes for sightseeing.

D and Friend

D can always be depended on to locate a critter or two to commune with. This one got a little too at home for my taste.

Tres Amigos plus one

SCUBA is nice because you don't have to be a young jock to dive and enjoy.

Cayman Brac

More laid back and not as upscale as Grand Cayman, "The Brac" attracts mostly SCUBA divers and people who want a quiet stay.

Beach, Brac Reef Resort

Sun & relaxing

Brac Reef Resort

This overwater gazebo was "the place" for sunset lounging. At night, tarpon cruised the water under the dock's floodlights.

Our Little Boat

Well, not really. This is the yacht Meduse, property of Paul Allen of Microsoft fame. The helicopter is a nice touch, right?

Bike Tourists

J and D hit the trail on a couple of the Brac Reef's free cruser bikes.