J and D's Corner

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To:    AV Press

Date: 01/2003

Re:    White Trash (aka: Cultural Privilege)


Explanatory foreword:  Actually, I no longer remember the exact sequence of published letters and counter-letters which led to this, but it doesn't matter.  I merely used the controversy to launch a satirical dig on politically correct (or incorrect) speech.


Someone took high exception to the use of the phrase "white trash", equating it with using the "N" word.  So I figured that to be consistent we should treat both the same way.

Now that Matt Keltner has been thoroughly educated on the meaning and applicability of the term "white trash", I thought I would complete the circle by weighing in with an overview of the politically correct attitude toward its use.

Building upon rules currently approved by hupersons of cultural sensitivity for use of the "N" word, the phrase "white trash" is to be considered unacceptable only if uttered by a huperson of color. Hupersons of the white persuasion are welcome to use "white trash" freely and no notice is to be taken of such use. As a workaround for this restriction, a huperson of color who encounters white trash may enlist a bystander of the proper classification to apply the phrase in his behalf.

Oh, to be young and indignant again. Or just young, for that matter.