J and D's Corner

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An American tradition...everyone should try it!

A lengthy collection of past missives from J, in no particular order & written mostly when he was a subscriber to our local newspaper the AV Press.    Fun, but stopped with the decision to drop the newspaper delivery.

The Death Penalty (J attacks the Ninth Circuit Court)

Guns & Statistics (Too Many Bullshit Statistics Too!)

Give Me Truth in Pricing! (Bullshit Pricing is Everywhere)

Scrooge McDuck Revisited (A Business is not just a Money Bin)

What is a Subsidy? (The Solar vs. Fossil subsidy battle)

Work in America (Serious systemic problem, clueless -or worse- government is no help)

Battlefield or Courtroom? (Drone strikes - but you didn't even read 'em their rights!)

A Business Opportunity (More fun with the technologically challenged)

No Free Lunches! (Yet more for the technologically & economically challenged)

The Palmdale Power Plant (latest in the ongoing game of political tennis across our local "cactus curtain")

Too Many Mouths (Overpopulation, another no-no subject)

Death Penalty Musings (If they're not fit to live, then do it, OK?)

More Government, less Politics (I draw a distinction)

Newspaper Statistics (Once again, I say they are too often meaningless, as in this example)

Airline Security, Again (Is there a limit to what the public can take?)

Teachers Need a Dictionary (When they put on their union hats, anyway)

The Gulf Oil Spill (A fecund subject, did three letters on this subject over the period)

That's Scary (How many people can we feed at the public trough, anyway?)

Toward Equality (equal opportunity vs. equal outcome...which do we pursue?)

Home of the Future (I like solar/wind, but why must they always over-hype??)

Put Blame Where Blame is Due

If at first you can't convict, try, try again! (conviction finally successful, letter's foreword updated)

Snow in the AV (aka: A sudden outbreak of truth in the media)

The Sting (aka: Someone may be watching...)

High Speed Rail (not WILL it be grossly over budget, but by how much??) (addendum comment added, saga continues)

Statistics (figures don't lie, but...)

Solving Illegal Immigration (hey, it's worth a try) (not sure they printed this one, but I liked it anyway)

All Are Equal (aka: The union will protect them..)

Letter writing takes a hiatus (speech has limits, you know)

In Support of Free Enterprise (or: what if YOU had to pay for it?)

To Torture or Not?

What Is Freedom? (hint: It is NOT a "given")

Social Security (aka The Ponzi Scheme)

Decay in America (aka: Shakespeare was right)

Voting Rules (aka What a Country!)

WMD (Gee, sure glad YOU knew there were none!)

Brax-afying Alaska (Brax is a local liberal teacher)

Guns & Drugs (aka: What was that direction again?)

Compromise in America (re: Foreign Worker Program)

Growing Up (aka Stick with it, Keltner!)

What to do about Africa (aka: Who is to Blame?)

Mental Hanging Chad (aka: What DO You Want, Anyway?)

White Trash (aka: Cultural Privilege)

9/11 Millionaires (aka: Are We Nuts?)

Unclear on the Concept (aka: What would Bin Laden Do?)

Pledging Yourself (and everyone else) to Your God

The Value of Education (aka: We Need good Plumbers...and Reporters)

The Enemy Within Education (and it ain't a matter of money)

One of Us? Who Be Us? (or: Don't presume, my lady)

Send 'Em To Cuba (aka: Education...It Ain't About Money)

Apologists (aka: Doubtless Brutalized by the Watergate Revelations)

Who You Calling A Coward? (aka: Let's Learn English)