J and D's Corner

From the Letters Archive

To:    AV Press

Date: 07/2002

Re:    Unclear on the Concept


Explanatory foreword:  As is typical of all newspapers, AV Press' editorial bent closely matches the demographic of the area:  Conservative and religious tending toward fundamentalist.  Therefore religious conservatives get plenty of stroking.


When California's liberal 9th Circuit Court made one of it's periodic separation-of-church-and-state rulings there was predictable outrage from the theological set.  But sometimes they seem unclear on the concept.....

Talk about unclear on the concept! On the Opinion page of this morning's paper ran what has to be the most bizarre political cartoon I have ever seen. In the first panel was someone jumping with glee in front of George Bush and announcing "We know where Bin Laden is!!" In the adjoining panel was a picture of Bin Laden sitting on the bench of the 9th Circuit Court with a paper labeled "Pledge Ban" and giggling "Heh! Heh!"

What's bizarre about this? Well, Bin Laden, if anyone can recall, happens to be the man who wants to destroy all Western civilization and replace it with a religious dictatorship led by God (Allah).