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To:    AV Press

Date: 04/01/2000

Re:    Guns & Drugs (aka: What was that direction again?)


Background:  There was a guy named Thomas Braun who used to be a frequent 'letters' contributor and also wrote occasional longer 'Viewpoint' pieces.  He generally hewed closely to standard liberal dogma.


 Sometimes tossing a dogma salad unthinkingly can produce some odd results:

In today's (4/1) Viewpoint piece I see Thomas Braun is back in his pro-drug mode, nothing new there.  Interesting, though, was his juxtaposition of the drug and gun problems in the same column.  Drugs create a problem for society.  Guns create a problem for society.  The Braun solution?  Flood society with drugs, try to eliminate guns.

It has been said one definition of insanity is creating the same conditions over and over and expecting to get a different outcome.

John Wilson