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One of my pet peeves with mainstream media is the fact that they so often totally ignore reality in favor of sensationalism.  By not putting the world in perspective they mislead the public, in essence deliberately accomplishing exactly the opposite of their oft-repeated mantra:


To:  AV Press

Date: 04/2008

Re:  Snow in the AV

I predict snow in the Antelope Valley this July. I base this prediction on the fact that this past week two nearly unprecedented miracles occurred.

First, the ABC Television Network, not once but several times on its national newscasts, pointed out the fact that the latest multi-day disruption of America’s air travel which inconvenienced hundreds of thousands of travelers and cost tens of millions of dollars was caused by the FAA’s abrupt grounding of aircraft because some tie-wraps on wiring bundles were found to be spaced as much as 1.25 inches apart rather than the FAA-specified 1 inch. Not only that, ABC actually explained to the non-technical public that this discrepancy has essentially zero bearing on whether or not the aircraft were safe to fly.

Hot on the heels of this miracle came Time magazine with a cover article pointing out that ethanol, that darling of enviro-fascists, pork-barrel politicians, corn farmers and ethanol distillers, is in Time’s words only "…driving up food prices and making global warming worse – and you’re paying for it."

With sudden outbreaks of actual truth like this appearing in mainstream media, where will it all end? Gotta be snow in July for the AV, for sure.