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This one is pretty self-explanatory. 

I really do hate the whole sue-happy legal system we have allowed to develop. 

As soon as I am appointed dictator, there's gonna be some changes.


To:  AV Press

Date: 11/2009

Re:  Put Blame Where Blame is Due

A letter from Kay Hopkins of AV Dog & Cat Rescue attacks Wal-Mart over their policy that bans donations of ripped, dented or damaged food packages to non-profits.

Her displeasure is perfectly understandable but she is entirely off-target in blaming Wal-Mart. 

The actual villain in her story is not Wal-Mart but our out of control tort system. Acceptance of the concept of unlimited liability has spawned a nightmare horde of lawyers and seekers of easy money whose activities cost us untold billions. The cost of every form of insurance and of every single item & service we purchase is inflated by the need to support this cloud of parasites.

Possibly even worse is the distortion of decision making throughout our society caused by an ever-expanding threat of extortion by lawsuit.  Playgrounds cannot have play equipment because someone might get hurt. Coffee cannot be served hot because someone may hold it between their legs while driving and burn themselves. And Wal-Mart cannot risk the mega-million dollar liability that someone would conjure up over less-than-perfect donated food items.

Yes, decry the madness, but please put the blame on the proper target!